Manufacturing and marketing of conductive concrete for grounding systems.

Solutions which combine cementitious and carbonaceous materials to increase electrical conductivity.

Production and distribution of backfill material for cathodic protection well anode systems.

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conGraph Solutions operates in the field of conductive concretes which provide solutions for grounding, lightning and cathodic protection systems.  Our vocation for innovation and international expansion provides us with the necessary resources to meet the needs of our customers.

Solution for grounding and lightning protection systems.

conGraph GND-20 is a conductive concrete which reduces grounding resistance values and provides a maintenance free permanent performance.

Its formulation and additional properties make it an ideal solution for situations in which lack of space, high resistivity or aggressive soil restrict the grounding resistance from achieving the required values.

Low electrical resistance

High compressive strength

Reduces installation size

Permanent performance

Protects against corrosion

Surge current protection

Environmentally friendly

Maintenance free

Prevents theft

Baja resistencia eléctrica

Alta resistencia mecánica

Reduce tamaño instalación

Rendimiento permanente

Protege frente a la corrosión

Protección altas tensiones

Respetuoso con la naturaleza

libre de mantenimiento

Evita robos

Solution for cathodic protection systems


conGraph CP-20 is a combination of cement based and carbonaceous materials and as such, a product with a high electrical conductivity.

Owing to its conductive properties and low consumption rate, it is used as a backfill material for impressed current cathodic protection systems, offering a solution that is four times more durable than traditional solutions.

When conGraph CP-20 is fully hardened, provides a high level of compressive strength.

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